floodA benefit of living near a river is the breeze coming off the river allows for me to keep my patio door and windows open longer even during the summer. I also like hearing the geese on the river at night since it helps me sleep. The downside is when it rains all day i can’t park in this spot. It is slightly more convenient to park here instead of my assigned spot but…


Thanks for dragging me back into comics a-holes!

Once more with Feeling?!?!

Falling asleep on the couch last night was not unusual for my wife and I but what made it a litle different was I actually went to sleep early mere minutes after she did. In true Sara fashion she also woke me up as soon as i was actaully falling asleepbut not because she just couldn’t sleep (the drugs) but because it was it was snowing. Now, it was a very light snow but it was our first snow while being here at my father in law’s house. Having lived in an apartment building over the past 4 or 5 years we could never really see the snow building on the ground. I stayed awake awhile just to watch the light snow and thinking Sara and I were enjoying this but it didn’t take long before i heard the snoresof my beloved. I do love my wife so and honestly this stuff just makes me love her even more.

A bit of a ramble but i’m prett sure that is what this blog will be.